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3 min read – Meta

Welcome to a brand new Bekk Christmas

Bekk Christmas is the culmination of decades of iterating on sharing culture. Let's dive into what this is, and how it came to be.

4 min read – JavaScript

What are Prototypes in JavaScript?

Have you ever inspected an object in your browser's console and stumbled upon the field [[Prototype]] or __proto__. Or maybe you have seen someone use the mystical prototype field on classes, such as String.prototype. Ever wondered what kind of sorcery this prototype is? Great! ️This article will hopefully make things a bit clearer, and make you an advanced prototype wizard. 🧙‍♂️

4 min read – UX

Mindre “lære bort”, og mer “lære sammen”

Jeg jobber som UX-designer i et team som lager digitale tjenester, og jeg ønsker at flest mulig beslutninger i teamet skal tas ut fra et brukerperspektiv. Ikke alle. Men de fleste. Og sjansen for at det skal skje, øker hvis alle i teamet forstår brukerens opplevelse av tjenesten.

7 min read – Security

Creating great security culture

It's easy to think of software security as something related to code, but we must remember that it is equally as much a question of people. Security must not become a purely technical exercise. The human factor is central, but can often be the most difficult thing to address. Let's look at how we can create a security culture, and how this can be an important part of your security work.

12 min listen – UX

Hva er nudging? (Del 1 av 3)

Drypp er en lavterskel podcast fra Bekk. I denne episoden snakker vi om nudging.

6 min read – Machine Learning

Det 8. slag jul

Vi snakker jul, julekaker og maskinlæring!