Log Off and Read Some Docs

Wow! It's Christmas Eve, and elm.christmas is drawing to a close. We've published 24 articles, and I want to thank you for visiting our advent calendar, regardless of whether you've read all 24 articles, or if this is the first one you've read. This last article won't be long, as I just want to highlight a neat tool that you might not have used for your Elm project.

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By Aksel Wester


December 24, 2020

I remember being really inspired by Richard Feldman's keynote talk at Elm Europe 2018, and on the plane from Paris I just had to start rewriting my side project using some of the techniques from that talk. During the flight I needed to check the documentation of a package at package.elm-lang.org. The only problem was that I was 30 000 feet above France, with no Internet access.

What I didn't know at the time, was that I actually had all of the documentation locally for Elm packages I was using already. So I could have just checked the source files to read the documentation I was looking for.

You can install the command line tool using npm:

$ npm install -g elm-doc-preview

And to view the documentation, you simply run the following command:

$ elm-doc-preview

The command line tool starts up a web page showing all the dependencies you have installed in your app.

A webpage showing elm-doc-preview and a list of all the dependencies the app is using

Select a dependency and you see that the documentation page looks exactly like it does on package.elm-lang.org.

elm-doc-preview displaying the documentation for the elm/browser/dom module

The tool is a really nice convenience for those times where you don't have an internet connection. And even when you do, it's nice to have an easy way to view the documentation for every dependency in your app in one spot.


Lastly I want to thank everyone who contributed to this years elm.christmas. 10 authors wrote 24 articles in total, in addition to reading and giving feedback to articles written by others. Thank you all for taking the time in a busy holiday season to give back to the Elm community. ❤️