A Christmas Eve of Design 🎅

Finally Christmas Eve! Hopefully, this calendar has made the Christmas advent a little more interesting. This year with both harde og myke pakker which Kjersti Bjelkarøy has written about. That you might have learned something new from the calendar or got some tips and tricks for yourself or your team. Maybe it has contributed to Ease the wait for Christmas Eve?

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By Ola Claussen


December 24, 2020

I’m not going to write a long article today, but instead, take a look back at some of the articles written. If you haven’t read it already, this might inspire you to read some in the calm days before the new year arrives (Romjulen as we call it in Norwegian).

This year’s calendar had a lot to offer!

Maybe you have used the last weeks to become a master of Figma after taking the Figma 101 that Herman Slyngstadli wrote about in So you’ve opened Figma, now what?. Or maybe you have tried one of Thea Sommersletta’s 17 activities to get to know your team remotely, to get some Christmas fun in between meetings and work.

My todo for the new year:

First of all, I’m going to take the digital Christmas clean up inspired by Anne-Berits experiences testing the email service Hey.

Then I’m going to set up a new column with UX debt so we won’t forget to fix the small, but important design-improvements often not prioritized or forgotten. This was a genius tip from Kjersti Barstad Strand in the article Et bittelite tips på bittelille julaften.

Finally, I’m going to focus a bit more on everyday inspiration after getting inspired by Espen Stavern’s article Inspirasjon: En date med et fabeldyr.

Besides that, I’m going to focus on my team and the importance of the psychology behind confidence and feeling safe with the people you work with. These are important aspects that I have learned about from Martin Skarbø Sangolt and Valentina Sørlie’s articles:\ Kan et produktteam sammenlignes med et parforhold?

And I think 2021 is going to be the year where the carbon footprint of the internet will (hopefully) get more attention. Reading Håkon L'orange’s article This article emits 0.28g of CO2 every time it’s viewed… got me to understand that this also is a part of being a designer.

Huge applause to all the brilliant people that have contributed to the calendar this year and happy Christmas!


I also want to use this opportunity to guide you into some of the other calendars that I think are relevant for designers.

First of all, innovation.christmas. This is the calendar of the Drypp podcast. You can, amongst many topics, listen to Oslo vs Silicon Valley - what's the difference? And Hva er en inkubator?

If you like to get better at talking in front of others you can take a look at talks.christmas. There you can find articles about How to cope with stage fright and The building blocks of compelling arguments