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4 min read – Security

Why is securing critical infrastructure so difficult?

Critical infrastructures are, as the name suggests, critical to society and have in recent years become increasingly more digitalized. Such infrastructures include electric power, electronic communication, transport, as well as water supply and sewage. They are essential for the maintenance of societal functions that you and I depend on in our daily lives, and a disruption can paralyze a society and at worst lead to loss of life. Here, we will try to explain why critical infrastructures are especially difficult to secure against cyber attacks.

4 min read – Functional

Getting started with F#

F# is a fun and mature functional-first programming language for the .NET platform. Taking the first steps to learn a new language can be daunting, so in this post, we'll give some pointers on where to start.

18 min listen – Innovation

Hvorfor innovere når gründere uansett vinner?

8 min read – UX

UX i Gaming

Dette er mine observasjoner og tanker jeg har gjort meg rundt interaksjonsdesign i spill som en gamer og ux designer. Du er kanskje ikke enig, eller har ikke tenkt noe særlig over det, men kanskje du blir litt mer oppmerksom nå?

3 min read – Kotlin


Kotlin contracts are a way to help the compiler get more information about what the code actually does. Sometimes the compiler can’t infer all the information we as programmers know.

3 min read – Talks

What Improvisation Taught Me About Conversations

In today’s article, we’ll skip the tips, tricks, and wisdom of public speaking and say a few words about everyday conversation.

4 min read – React

A Tale of a React Newbie

My name is Tora, and I started working at Bekk this fall as a new React developer with a fresh Computer Science degree. I would like to share my journey into this new and exciting world with you!

3 min read – Elm

Greater type safety with opaque types!

It may become tedious to always check if a value in your records is on the supposed format. To be absolutely certain that a value correctly represents a property in your records, we can use opaque types!

4 min read – JavaScript

Six Ways To Level Up Your JavaScript

You’ve done your fair share of JavaScript. You’ve shipped production code for years. You’re definitely no noob, nor a true expert. What’s the next step? How to find a learning path towards JavaScript mastery that actually motivates you to reach the next level? This article presents six alternative routes forward.

6 min read – Strategy

Bærekraft; fra omdømmeparameter til økonomisk nøkkelfaktor?

Den siste tiden har vi sett stadig økende forventinger til at bedrifter skal ta samfunnsansvar og bidra til åpenhet knyttet til bærekraft. Gode intensjoner blir ikke lenger betraktet som tilstrekkelig, og dermed har bærekraft blitt mye mer enn en omdømmeparameter eller en kuriositet på utsiden av kjernedriften. Dette betyr at bærekraft i større og større grad utvikler seg til å bli en økonomisk nøkkelfaktor som begynner å gi utslag på bunnlinja.

3 min read – The Cloud

How we used serverless for our frontend application and cut our deployment pipeline in half