Why spend time teaching others?

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By Nicolai August Hagen


December 1, 2020

We often admire the people who are great speakers. It seems to be little effort to them, but so difficult when we, the mere mortals, try the same thing. Yet, there are many good reasons for why you should help others learn. Let's have a look!

1. It helps you better understand the topic

To me, this has been a real eye-opener! By teaching others, you actually learn a lot yourself. Thinking about how you should deliver your message to the audience, demands a good understanding of the problem. By connecting these dots before you help others, you will gain a much better understanding.

2. You are helping someone

Even though experienced speakers seem to rock, it might not be enough for everyone to understand a topic. But you, oh you, with your personal experiences on the subject and different way of presenting, might hit just the right (learning) spot for someone in the audience. When you recognize an understanding between you and a listener in the audience, it feels like you are receiving a gift.

3. Becoming a better listener

By gaining experience through holding talks to others, you become much more aware when you are listening to others. Even the boring parts become interesting, as you now become interested in how it can be perceived boring, and how you can make the boring parts interesting. Interesting.

4. You will always need talk-like skills

You will always need talk-like skills to cope with everyday situations, such as shorter presentations at work, in a meeting or even when trying to make a compelling argument to your neighbour. It will also come in handy when holding a wedding speech, delivering a memorial speech at a funeral, or perhaps in your children’s confirmation. Why not start practicing the skill right away?

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