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After an eventful, or not, weekend, nothing beats listening to some fine entertainment while taking a walk, going skiing in the woods or while cranking out some code on your hobby research project. Today we are happy to share some of our favorite podcasts this year.

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December 8, 2019

Security Now!

When we started gathering pod cast for this post, Security Now! was one of the first that was listed. Since its start way back in '05 it has been a weekly listen for many in and outside the security business. Computer legend Steve Gibson and podcast pioneer Leo Laporte summarizes, in understandable terms, the latest security news. In addition, there is usually a deep dive into a current topic. As a bonus the hosts share their opinions on sci-fi literature, tv-show and movies. Note that Gibson also provide transcriptions of the shows, making is a valuable research tool. https://twit.tv/shows/security-now

Darknet Diaries

"True stories from the dark side of the Internet"

Host security veteran Jack Rhysider presents mesmerizing stories about incredible people doing stuff you never thought was possible outside the movies or tv-shows. Each episode typically tells the story of a security incident, usually with interviews with the (for good reason) anonymized people involved. The well-presented stories are filled with interesting facts and background information. Episode 6: The Beirut bank job is an incredible story about a penetration test gone bad, in a totally unexpected way. Jack Rhysider also maintains a webpage on https://www.tunnelsup.com which is well worth keeping up with. https://darknetdiaries.com

Malicious Life

The Malicious Life podcast is a great supplement to the earlier mentioned Darknet Diaries. Malicious life provide insight into the life of hackers and security professionals. We get to hear first-hand reports and background from fascinating people. The podcast is underwritten by Cyberreason. https://malicious.life


Listening to an episode of Hackable is like hearing a good friend tell a great story. You may know the facts and have a basic understanding of it, but the way it is being told makes it worth the time. Each episode of Hackable the host Geoff Siskind and security expert Bruce Snell cover a popular topic which should resonate for anyone even outside the security industry. The formula is as simple as it is entertaining, host Geoff is the (volunteer) victim of a hack, ranging from hostile telefax take over to circumventing car key-fob security. The podcast is presented by McAffe. https://hackablepodcast.com

The Secure Developer

In The Secure Developer podcast you can hear experiences from developers and other people in the industry. There are great tips and interviews with people that have hands on experience and know what they are talking about. This is mostly relevant for developers, but anyone working with development can get great insight to valuable topics. The podcast is predented by Heavybit. https://www.heavybit.com/library/podcasts/the-secure-developer/

SANS Internet Storm Center

The daily podcast from SANS gives you a heads up on the new attacks and incidents that may be relevant to you or your team. The episodes usually don't go too deep into each topic, but is a great 5-minute listen on the commute to the office. The podcast is a must for anyone in the operations part of security. https://isc.sans.edu


When mentioning podcast, we must not forget our own podcast, BEKK Open. The podcast is not a security podcast, but still enjoy the topics presented. Watch out for the next episodes. The podcast if, of course, presented by Bekk. https://soundcloud.com/bekkopen