Last Sunday of Advent

All I want for Christmas is the great JavaScript sword ๐ŸŽ…

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By Nicolai August Hagen


December 23, 2018

Christmas Eve is arriving any minute now. In Norway, this means wrapping the last presents, decorating the Christmas tree, watching all the Home Alone movies and eat loads of gingerbreads. In other words, this particular Sunday may be hectic, so make sure to take some time off with your favourite V60 coffee kit.

And if you do take this well deserved break after a year of coding, I have a great game to help you relax (of course packed with recreational coding exercises in JavaScript): WarriorJS. From their site:

""Legend tells of a legendary sword, forgotten in the ruins of an abandoned tower. Thousands of warriors have set off on a quest for the sword, whose bearer would become enlightened in the JavaScript language."

No matter if you are new to programming or a JavaScript guru, WarriorJS will put your skills to the test. Will you be the one to find The JavaScript Sword?"

I sure know what I'll be doing on my time off this Christmas! Until recently, I had never been into text adventure games. However, a month ago, a student at the University of Oslo (thanks Jarle!) introduced me to this amazing JavaScript game.

The general idea is that you need to code your way through the world, fighting monsters and healing yourself to stay alive in an algorithmic fashion. All this in order to find the great, great JavaScript Sword. Let us know if you reach the leaderboard!

Remember, the best games you can play are JavaScript games.

Happy coding!

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