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5 min read – React

How to use SVGs in React

SVGs are here to stay, and React seems to be sticking around for a while as well. So how do you go about combining them?

3 min read – JavaScript

The W3schools Controversy

Imagine pulling up a search on Google for something web tech related. Let's say you look up how the text-align property works in CSS. The two first hits are from A little further down we find Mozilla Developer Network's (or MDN) article on the subject. MDN is obviously run by the altruistic, open-web freedom fighters at Mozilla, but what's the deal with w3schools, and why does some people dislike it so much?

2 min read – Security

Time to clean up your social logins

As the end of the year closes in, there are no shortage of tips on how to get your home ready for the festive season. We think you should take a time out, and consider which application should still have access to your social accounts.