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5 min read – Accessibility, UX, Web, React

Making an accessible loading button: Aria-disabled with friends

In web development, designing an accessible loading button is a real head-scratcher. There's no easy one-size-fits-all solution, but understanding the various approaches improves your ability to make accessible experiences. So, how do we make a loading button accessible?

2 min read – Kotlin, Web

Introduksjon til Ktor

Denne artikkelen tar deg stegvis gjennom hvordan man kan lage et enkelt API som lar deg hente og poste julehilsner ved hjelp av rammeverket Ktor.

8 min read – Web

💰 is 👑 - a guide to the new 🆒 cache headers

Caching might be one of the hard things in computer science, but wow, it's fun when it works! Let's dive into some cool new caching strategies!