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6 min read – Security, Privacy

Key learnings from working on privacy in contact tracing

In today's post I'll share key lessons from my journey in implementing Anonymous Tokens and integrating it in Norway's contact tracing app "Smittestopp". Privacy and transparency, especially in government IT, is vital for gaining citizens' trust - and is here to stay. Therefore I'll share some success factors and my takeaways with you.

5 min read – Innovation, Privacy

Smittestopp antemortem

Ryktene om Smittestopps død er overdrevet. Appen har blitt en zombie. Det uønskede barnet, unnfanget av myndighetenes teknologioptimisme, lever på nåde på norske mobiltelefoner. Hva kan vi lære av denne tragedien? Fem perspektiver.

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