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3 min read – Open Source

What do you do when your favourite open source project removes a feature you use?

TLDR; There is no right answer

8 min read – Open Source

All offentlig kode bør være åpen

All kode som eies og forvaltes av offentlige virksomheter bør være åpen, med noen veldig få unntak. GOV.UK har siden 2012 hatt coding in the open som standard, og man må argumentere hvis man ikke ønsker å åpne koden. Nå er det på høy tid at norsk offentlig sektor også tar steget!

9 min read – Open Source

Recreating's frontpage with their own tools, the marketplace of possibilities, might be Norway's biggest sale platform. They also happen to publish a lot of the tools they create and use as open source tools, such as the feature toggle service Unleash. Let's try to recreate their own page with their tools! 🙌 Since wasn't built in a day, we will restrict ourselves to the frontpage. Also, to make the article readable in a sensible amount of time, I will not go through the entire architecture, but reading this tutorial should give you the necessary means to build it all yourself.

1 min read – Open Source

Have a merry open source Christmas!

And here we are, it's Christmas! We hope you've enjoyed reading Bekk's Open source advent calendar this December.

3 min read – Open Source

Why should you open source your product?

Such a simple question. But does it have an easy answer? Opening up your code base can seem a bit scary. Everyone can see your (bad) code and commit messages, and it's easier for evil people to find weaknesses or make fake copies of your product. But there are many good reasons for open-sourcing a project. Let's go through some of them.

2 min read – Open Source

Open source + Svalbard Global Seed Vault: Artic Code Vault

The seed vault just got a new neighbour - Open source is moving in and plans on staying for the long haul

2 min read – Open Source

OSS Java and Github actions

GitHub actions is the new kid on the block. Lets look at a first try in implementing build and release-functionality.

3 min read – Open Source

GitHub, and what else?

So we've all mostly heard about GitHub, right? But did you know there are other thriving open source hosting platforms out there?

3 min read – Open Source

Interview with Saloni Garg

Today's interview is with the winner of Women In Open Source Award 2019 by Red Hat: @salonigarg_! Saloni is also a Computer Science undergrad, a Mozilla Open Leader and a Google Venkat Scholar. We're both honored and excited to talk with Saloni about Open source!

10 min read – Open Source

Open ≠ Free ≠ Gratis

Software has become an integrated part of life. It's everywhere, and the complexity is increasing. As developers, we're standing on the shoulders of giants. Most of the software running in our applications is written by someone else. But do you know what you're allowed to use the software for? And what your obligations are when using the software? All software has a license, which means it contains legal talk which "authorize the use, performance, or release of (something)."

1 min read – Open Source

volkswagen - for when you just need to pass your tests

Today's tip is a nice, useful satirical Open Source repository for when you need to fake it to make it.

2 min read – Open Source

Inspirational Templates

I ❤️ open source.

3 min read – Open Source

Accelerating cloud migration by contributing to Terraform providers

How does Digipost contribute to open source to speed up their migration to the public cloud?

2 min read – Open Source

Interview with Maxim Salnikov

Today's interview is with @webmaxru. Maxim works at @MicrosoftNorge in Developer Relations and is active in the Progressive Web App (#PWA) scene. He also organizes @ngVikingsConf & @mobileeraconf confs, @AngularOslo & @MobileOslo meetups, and is a @GoogleDevExpert.

4 min read – Open Source

From Node.js to io.js and back again...

This is the story of how we built the Node.js foundation.

7 min read – Open Source

Interview with Mikael Brevik

Today's interview is with @mikaelbrevik. Mikael is an Open source maintainer, the organizer of @_bartjs , host of the podcast @kortslutningpod, video-blog @kodesnutt and works at @variant_as.

3 min read – Open Source

Gitmoji - Yay or Nay?

Version control software is an essential part of modern-day software developer practices, and Git is by far the most used system. However, the amount of commits, pull requests and activity in general may be huge, and reduce the value of the git history. The Open Source project Gitmoji is a standardized emoji guide for your commit messages which enables you to assign an emoji at the beginning of commits. It even comes with an interactive client that lets you access the emojis through your command line. Although emojis are always fun, the question arises; is it just a gimmick or does it add any value? Overview of Gitmojis:

3 min read – Open Source

Hacktoberfest from a maintainer’s perspective

Hacktoberfest provides a great opportunity for people to win a t-shirt. But it is also a great way for maintainers of open source code to get some help with their issues. Here are some of my experiences from being a maintainer this October.

2 min read – Open Source

How can you find code to open source?

Let's focus on "what", which I at least find the most difficult. Many questions arise: How can we pick code that our present organisation has spent time and money on and just give it out? What is actually interesting for others to see or use?

7 min read – Open Source

Interview with Christian Alfoni

Today's interview is with @christianalfoni. Christian is a developer and creator of and, and works at @codesandbox.

1 min read – Open Source

3 steps to improving your GitHub-experience

By helping others help you, you're setting yourself up for less friction. Here are 3 steps towards making the whole experience as smooth as possible 😀

2 min read – Open Source


Submit four pull requests in October, get a t-shirt. That’s the TL;DR for Hacktoberfest. It’s basically a month-long global hackathon that serves as a celebration of open source and its community. Did you get your t-shirt yet?

3 min read – Open Source

Interview with Olivier Tassinari

Today's interview is with @olivtassinari. Olivier is a developer and the co-creator of the UI component library for React: Material-UI.

2 min read – Open Source

Patching your node_modules

When using open source code you might encounter bugs in this code. Since it's open source, you can find the faulty code and the fix it yourself. The right thing to do next is of course to submit an issue and/or a pull request on the project. But what if the project maintainers don't answer you, the project is deprecated or if the fix is planned, but not due for quite a while? In this article I’ll teach you the strategy of patching dependencies in node_modules by using patch files.

2 min read – Open Source

Automatic deploy (chatops) with @Rultor

The discussion of an automatic release was started many years ago, and there are several options for how to do this (none mentioned, none forgotten). Then I came across @Rultor by accident on Twitter.

1 min read – Open Source

Open source on Twitter

Contributing to Open source often requires a healthy dose of inspiration. By following accounts on Twitter that focus on the subjects that the most matter to you, you might find the inspiration you seek.

3 min read – Open Source

How to contribute to Open source

We think Open Source is such an important part of a developer’s life that we’ve devoted an entire advent calendar to the subject! For a lot of developers, the thought of putting your code or ideas out there for the whole community to see, can be daunting. Once you get the hang of it and get more comfortable though, it has a tendency to drag you in. Let's start by going through your first steps towards your first contribution together.