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Everyday hacks

7 min read – Development, Everyday hacks, Rust

A better `ls` in 100 lines of Rust

Don't you just hate how boring ls is? I mean, it just spits out the names of files and folders on a line, one after the other. Come on, it's not 1987 anymore. Let's try to make our own version, using Rust! Don't know any Rust? Go ahead and read last year's Introduction to Rust first! 🦀 I'll be waiting 🥱

2 min read – Everyday hacks

Five things you perhaps didn't know about Outlook

As a meeting organizer, I quite often experience that people are not aware of these useful features and strange quirks. This blog post can hopefully help you to use Outlook in a more efficient way. My experience and cases below are based on the Windows version of Outlook.

3 min read – Everyday hacks, Personal Development

Notatboken min

Arbeidsdagen har en tendens til å starte rolig for så å fylles av ting som skal følges opp. Denne luken ser på hvordan jeg bruker notatboken min og hvilken litteratur jeg har tatt inspirasjon fra.

3 min read – Everyday hacks

Let Alfred accelerate your actions!

Say you want to open a project in VS Code, or in IntelliJ IDEA, or maybe you want to navigate to one of several projects in Google Cloud. If you are currently spending more than five seconds to find what you are looking for, this blog post is for you.