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2 min read – .NET

Failsafe caching in dotnet with ZiggyCreatures Fushion Cashe

I've tried out FusionCache and really liked it so I wrote this article to show you how to use their failsafe caching mechanism.

4 min read – Development, .NET

Minimalistisk API i .NET på 1-2-3-4

Visste du at du kan sette opp et .NET API med bare fire linjer kode?

4 min read – .NET

Multitargeting class libraries in .NET

The real world is a difficult place. So difficult that you sometimes have to work on an old Monolithic application built with legacy technology. But is there a way that allows you to at least share code between the old and the new?

4 min read – .NET

Running an ASP.NET Web Application on Heroku

ASP.NET Core is not supported on Heroku. Read how I didn't care about that and made it work anyways (and all the hoops involved).