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2 min read – CSS

How to time your CSS animations in JavaScript

6 min read – CSS, JavaScript

Why I love Style Dictionary, and why you should too

Style Dictionary is one of the very best tools I've ever encountered. It's powerful, fun, and great for managing your design tokens!

3 min read – CSS

CSS Container Queries

Web har alltid vært en plattform hvor innholdet må tilpasse seg forskjellige skjermer og skjermteknologier. Media queries har gjort det mulig for oss å tilpasse designet vårt til denne hverdagen, men i en hverdag hvor vi skriver flere og flere komponenter strekker ikke media queries alltid til. Møt CSS container queries, et nytt standard-forslag som endelig skal la oss kode komponenter uavhengig av resten av designet!

3 min read – CSS

Implement typography how the designer wants it

3 min read – CSS

Pseudo classes? More like pseudo awesome

3 min read – CSS

BEM - Naming made a little easier

The field of computer science is moving forward at an extraordinary pace. The phone in your pocket is becoming much more advanced thanks to these feats of engineering. The greatest challenge that everyone faces, however, is coming up with names in programming. Despite the massive accomplishments in AI and machine learning, the most difficult part of these tasks are, I believe, coming up with good names. BEM does not solve this issue, but it makes it easier by many degrees, and with the addition of a CSS preprocessor, it can make your CSS-code more readable and hierarchically sound than before.

3 min read – CSS

Wrap it up! – Creating a CSS game

Santa needs your help. The usually ever so helpful elves have decided to play a trick on him, and have made all the toys run around, resisting getting wrapped in the lovely Christmas wrapping paper he just spent all day picking out. Can you help Santa catch and wrap all of them? See the Pen <a href=''>CSS Christmas game</a> by Mira Feiring (<a href=''>@mfeiring</a>) on <a href=''>CodePen</a>.

3 min read – CSS

Blending color codes with mix-blend-modes

This day is going to be all about blending colors, or rather how you can do blending in CSS with mix-blend-mode! Those of you that have limited experience playing around with colors may wonder what blending is. It’s quite simple, blending is when you mix two colors together in order to get a new color - and yes, it’s exactly like when you played around with color tubes in kindergarten!

6 min read – CSS

Gotcha! Ways I've screwed up CSS

10 years of writing CSS has taught me one important lesson - there's always new ways to screw up. Let's look at some of the ways I've failed in the last decade.

1 min read – CSS

Weeding the Grid

Let's get hands on with grids!

2 min read – CSS

CSS Accessibility - you make me sick!

Yesterday, we showed how to empower our users to stop our long running animations. But why force our users to manually stop animations, when they are screaming at us that they do not want animations!

2 min read – CSS

CSS Accessibility - get a move on, then stop!

Animations can be what sets your website apart, and really makes your users happy. It shows that you have gone that extra mile to create something really special, often with great care, and oftentimes, depending on the animation, with great effort.

3 min read – CSS

CSS Accessibility - keeping focus

Did you know that you might be required by law to create accessible websites? In many countries, government agencies has been required to create websites that comply with WCAG 2.0 for a long time, and in for instance Norway, this requirement also apply for private companies. For a general introduction to accessibility, I recommend reading the article from day 6 in our UX Christmas calendar, and to see all the technical tidbits involved, I recommend going through the checklist found at As this is a CSS Christmas calendar, let’s focus on the stuff we control using CSS, and today, it is all about keeping focus!

2 min read – CSS

CSS Christmas card - Part 3: Shaking it up

2 min read – CSS

CSS Christmas card - Part 2: But can you use this?

4 min read – CSS

CSS Christmas card - Part 1: Cutting corners

2 min read – CSS

CSS Grid's Best Friend

There is a display property that goes hand-in-hand with CSS grid: display: contents. With this property you can keep good HTML semantics when using CSS grid. Let's see how.

3 min read – CSS

Bleeding edge - making your grids bleed

Grid layouts are nice until you need to do something slightly outside of its bounds. Want to learn a quick trick to escape?

3 min read – CSS

Hyphens - Breaker of Words

How words are broken when lines overflow their containers is not always trivial and can cause many a headaches. Hyphens is a CSS property used to help with this, but how does it actually work and what can it do for us?

5 min read – CSS

Don't suffer like I Grid - SafIEty first

Many developers hesitate to use CSS Grid in their project. A typical argument is that Grid is not supported in all browsers. But that's not true!

7 min read – CSS

Clean CSS - detailed edition

In yesterday's post, I listed some of the general tips I use when I try to write clean CSS code. Today, I'll try to be a bit less fluffy and instead show some detailed tips you can start applying to your projects right away. Ready? Here we go.

6 min read – CSS

Clean CSS - rambling edition

Over the years I've seen (and indeed written) quite a lot of horrible CSS, and I want to take a moment to share some of the rules and principles I try to follow when I write and teach CSS in order to keep the code as clean and maintainable as possible. In this post, I'll go through some general tips before I'll get into some more specific tips in tomorrow's post. Let's go!

2 min read – CSS

Gotta Select'em all

3 min read – CSS

Oops! I Grid it again

It’s been six months since I’ve been introduced to CSS Grid and I just can't stop sharing how useful it is! It’s amazing when you’re in the need of a responsive layout!

4 min read – CSS

Stroke it and Dash it – A stroke-dasharray Christmas Tale

4 min read – CSS

Switch it up with CSS custom properties

Custom properties doesn't look like much, but is one of the real super powers of CSS. Let's see what it's all about!

3 min read – CSS

And then there was CSS

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